Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Question of the Day: Which Fundraisers are for Boosters?

Some parents have raised questions about (a) what fundraisers are "Boosters" fundraisers, and (b) where the money goes. These are great questions!

At the beginning of the year, we explained that Boosters Plus was meant to replace third-party vendor selling (pizza kits, cookie dough, and so on). We want every penny that comes to the school to stay in the school.

However, of the $50,000 we intend to raise this year -- 1/10th of the state funding that was lost -- we are only about 20% there. This means . . .

(a) We need more Boosters Plus families (right now, about 80 of our 700 families are participating), and

(b) We will need to have other events to help us raise the balance. The three events we have planned right now are ...

* Art Auction: This Boosters event is October 10, with advance ticket sales deadline 9/28. This will raise money a number of ways: The ticket sales will cover the refreshments, mailings, and other minor expenses associated with the promotion of the event ($7.50 a person). If we get at least 150 people, Marlin Arts guarantees that we will receive a minimum of $2000 for the school -- or more, depending on how much art is purchased. Conversely, if we do not reach our minimum attendance goal, Boosters could lose money on this event! Finally, those who would like to purchase art for gifts, or for business or personal use, but are unable to attend the auction may purchase art from October 11, 2009 and October 10, 2010, and designate South Arbor Boosters as the beneficiary, and we will receive a cut. If you have questions about the event, contact Anne Bouse or Chelle Hamel at

* Booster Store: This event is held each Friday afternoon in the school breezeway from 2:00 to 3:00. In addition to school merchandise (house shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, pencils, etc.) and snacks, this will be "scrip central," where you can order and pick up scrip orders. Other special orders (Beanie and Mug Treats, etc.) will be filled through the store as they come up. This is also where we will be promoting "Family Nights" at local restaurants.

* Spring Auction: This event will be held in March 2010. More information will be forthcoming on this event -- If you have a lead on a special prize, or can create a basket for the auction, contact Allen Morgan.

In addition to Boosters, a number of other groups in the school will be raising money for their particular needs. Examples of these include Athletics, Junior Honor Society, and 6-8th Grades (to pay for their year-end trips and camps). We have invited these groups to set up a special table and sell special products and treats during the same time the Booster Store is running -- however, these monies are NOT a part of the Booster Fund.

Where does Boosters money go? All the money we raise is spent by the heads of various school committees under the leadership of Matt Hudson, called SALT (South Arbor Leadership Team). However, parents who care enough to contribute should be kept informed of where their money goes, and there are several ways that you can find out where your money is going. The easiest and best way is to check back here often.

However, if you'd like to talk about special concerns or ideas, please join us at the next Boosters Meeting, to be held on Monday, October 19 at 7:00 pm in the Parents Room. All are welcome!

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