Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Booster News

Tomorrow is the monthly SALT meeting, and I've been busy getting ready for it.

* I sent a survey to teachers and Boosters Plus families, asking them where they would most like to see Boosters money spent (in addition to the existing programs). I received twenty responses, which ranged from additional LCD players, a new tag machine for the library, and additional money for field trips, teacher classroom allowance, and special assemblies and mixers. We can do these things to the extent that our parents support Boosters, especially the Boosters Plus program. We currently have about 100 families participating; have you sent in your check yet?

* We are planning a special Holiday Store during conference time. Stay tuned for more information!

* We will soon be holding an information meeting about the new SCRIP program, which allows you to support Boosters by buying gift cards for the things you buy every day: gas, groceries, and eating out.

* Art Auction is fast approaching. If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, it's not too late!

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