Friday, September 11, 2009

Coming Soon: South Arbor Booster Store Friday, September 18

Our Booster Store will open for business on Friday, September 18 at 2:00. Snacks and treats, drinks (Diet Coke!) and school merchandise will be available. The library will also be selling used books at rock-bottom prices. Come and check them out!

At that time, we will be selling Art Auction tickets as well as scrip. I also have gift cards available in the indicated amounts for the following stores:

Arby's ($10)
Bruegger's Bagels ($10)
Burger King ($10)
California Pizza Kitchen ($10)
Chucky Cheese ($10)
CVS Pharmacy ($25)
Dick's Sporting Goods ($25)
Panera ($10)
Pizza Hut ($10)
Ruby Tuesday ($5)
Qdoba ($25)
Subway ($10)
TCBY ($5 - five $1 certificates)
Wendy's ($10)

These make great gifts for long-distance birthdays, or other special treats! Boosters gets a percentage of each of these cards ... and you redeem them at full face value.

If you have been meaning to bring by your Boosters Plus money, we will have receipts on hand.
Don't forget, all Booster Plus families are entitled to one free Art Auction ticket, when you buy one at the Advance Sale price ($7.50).

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