Friday, May 21, 2010

Thanks, Boosters/Salt ... from Mrs. Settle

Mrs. Settle sent a nice note thanking Boosters/ SALT for the new dissection equipment her classes are now using. Thanks, Mrs. Settle, for sharing the pictures!

This year Boosters collected over $22,000 from South Arbor families, who donated generously of time and treasure to make our school a better place.

Thanks to your generosity, our Middle Schoolers are going to get valuable hands-on learning experiences. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco de Mayo: Tomorrow Night!

There's still time to make plans to attend our first Boosters-sponsored Cinco de Mayo celebration! All proceeds will go toward giving teachers a classroom expense account.

Adult tickets are $6, kids are $4 -- and you can purchase special "Family Fun Cards" for $5 each, which will allow your child to complete 10 fun activities and get a reward from the "Sugar Shack" at the end of the evening!

The festivities include good food and music, a dance exhibition, prizes and treats. Kids can ...

* Learn the Mexican Hat Dance
* "Chicken Fights" (children tie a balloon to their ankle, and jump into the frey. Last balloon left unpopped,wins!)
* Pinatas, courtesy of the "Culture Club"
* Carnival games -- ring toss, "jalapino relays," bowling, and tic-tac-toss
* Try a Mexican juice drink!
* Make a pinata, a flower, a paper fan, or a "bark painting"
* Learn to salsa!

Won't you please join us, and help us raise the funds we need to help our teachers?