Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Federal Funding of Charter Schools to be cut $100 million - ACT NOW!

Today I received the following notice from MAPSA, the Michigan Association for Charter Schools.

Yesterday, the US House of Representatives proposed a $100 million dollar cut to the federal charter school programs, taking money already appropriated in FY2010 away from the charter programs. The proposed cut would reduce charter funding from $256 million to $156 million – approximately a 40% cut. WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY to tell Members of Congress NO to this cut.

If this cut were enacted, 200 fewer charter schools would start next year, 6,000 charter employees would likely be in jeopardy of losing their jobs, and countless communities across the country would be forced to take steps backward on education reform.We need your help.

Send Rep. Dave Obey, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and Members of Congress a strong message that you oppose the Obey Supplemental Appropriations bill with its education funding cuts!

You can send an email by clicking on this link and taking action. You can also call the Chair of the Appropriations Committee and your US Representative. Phone numbers are listed below:

Chair, Approps Comm. Dave Obey (D-Wisconsin) 202-225-3365
Michigan District 1 Bart Stupak 202-225-4735
Michigan District 2 Peter Hoekstra 202-225-4401
Michigan District 3 Vern Ehlers 202-225-3831
Michigan District 4 David Camp 202-225-3561
Michigan District 5 Dale Kildee 202-225-3611
Michigan District 6 Fred Upton 202-225-3761
Michigan District 7 Mark Schauer 202-225-6276
Michigan District 8 Mike Rogers 202-225-4872
Michigan District 9 Gary Peters 202-225-5802
Michigan District 10 Candice Miller 202-225-2106
Michigan District 11 Thaddeus McCotter 202-225-8171
Michigan District 12 Sander Levin 202-225-4961
Michigan District 13 Carolyn Kilpatrick 202-225-2261
Michigan District 14 John Conyers, Jr. 202-225-5126
Michigan District 15 John Dingell 202-225-4071

After taking action, help us spread the word and PLEASE forward this email to other charter school supporters you know.