Thursday, September 3, 2009

Orientation Night Was a Great Success!!!

I want to thank all our terrific South Arbor families who attended Orientation Night last night, and responded with such generosity to the Boosters Plus program.

As I mentioned last night, South Arbor lost about $500,000 in state funding for this school year, due to across-the-board budget cutbacks. Our goal for Boosters this year is to make up 1/10th of that . . . $50,000. More than ever before, we need to work together to give our teachers and kids the resources they need.

We have received a "challenge grant" from two South Arbor families, which would give us an additional $800 if we manage to get four more families by Friday morning. You can send your check to our PO Box (261, Milan MI 48160), or you can drop off your check in the Boosters Mailbox in the Parents' Room (the plastic box on the back of the restroom door).

We are also still looking for families who are willing to donate $25/month between now and December, and receive their $100 contribution tax receipt in January. Even if you cannot give the full $100, we appreciate donations of any amount. Thank you for supporting South Arbor Boosters!

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