Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SABC Year-End Report

The following is an accounting of the expenses and allocations for this school year to date. Full report (including details of income and expenses/allocations) will be available at our Cinco de Mayo event on May 5, 2010 from 5-7 p.m.

This year the SABC raised approximately $22,000 from Boosters Plus, Spring Auction, and School Store (income less expenses). This means we ended the year a little over a thousand dollars short of where we started the school year. (Details will be available at Cinco de Mayo.) Because we do not anticipate running the Spring Auction in 2011 (our co-chairs are retiring), our Boosters Plus program will need to compensate for this lost income if we are going to sustain existing programs and respond to new requests.

This year Boosters/SALT approved the following expenses and allocations:

Expenses and Allocations:
Column A: Expenses (Spent with approval of SALT between 9/09 and 3/31/10)
Column B: Allocations (Approved by SALT, anticipated spending between 4/1/10 and 7/1/10) Column C: TOTAL Expenses and Allocations

Academic Programs: (A) $708.93 (B) $625 (C) $1333.93
(Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Literacy Night, etc.)
Athletics: (A) $0 (B)$2290 (C) $2290
(Soccer goals)
Band: (A) $1331 (B) 0 (C) $1331
(Memberships, tuba, medals)
Boosters: (A) 457.58 (B)$1373.82 (C)$1831.40
(Website development, storage, vending machine)
Building and Grounds: (A) $52.98 (B) 0 (C) $52.98
(Tulips and paint)
Health and Wellness: (A) $291.00 (B) $217.35 (C) $508.35
(First Aid, CPR, etc.)
Hospitality: (A) $2674.75 (B) $1500.00 (C) $4,154.75
(Teacher Conference Dinners, Teacher Appreciation, etc.)
Library: (A) $1170 (B)0 (C) $1170
(Library bags)
Moral Focus (A) $1195.52 (B) $3425 (C) $4620.52
(Food for Soul, quarterly pizza parties, year-end activities)
Teacher Requests (A) $873.39 (B) $401.75 (C) $1275.14
(School supplies, equipment, and resources)
Other (A) $1274.25 (B) $300 (C) $1574.25
(Orientation, Dad’s Pizza Night, Giving Tree)
(Total Expenses – Spent and Allocated by SALT) ($20,162.32)

Additional Anticipated Expenses – 5/1/10 – 9/1/10: $3,700.00, including ...
* Orientation - $600
* 6th grade camp deposit (loan) - $1500
* Booster Plus mailing - $300
* Dad's Night - $500
* Encyclopedias - $300
* Field Day (May 2010) - $500

TOTAL EXPENSES: (20,162.32) (Spent and allocated)
TOTAL EXPENSES: (3,700.00) (Anticipated)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March SALT Meeting - Where did your $$$ Go?

Yesterday at our SALT (South Arbor Leadership Team) meeting, the following expenses and projects were approved:

* $3,425 for House Picnic and Disciplinary Incentive Trips (K-4 at KOA, 5-8 at Rolling Hills Water Park)

* $1,500 for Teacher Appreciation Week expenses

* $401.75 for Science Lab expenses (triple-weight balances, tissue samples, and other supplies needed to help Mrs. Settle meet educational objectives)

* $156 for Band Festival medals

* $52.98 for playground project (create Hop-Scotch and class line markers, as our teachers have requested.)

* $4000 targeted fundraiser approved to give our teachers an expense account for classroom and field trip use. All Booster Plus contributions donated in the month of April (through May 5) will be applied to this fund. Can you help us?

* Other SALT/Booster news: Boosters is purchasing a snack/drink machine, which will replace the Pepsi machines our school currently has now that our contract is up. By stocking the machine ourselves, we receive a much higher share of the profits. The snack machine will be located in the Teacher's Room; the drink machine will be located in the Parent Room.

In addition, Mr. Hudson will do a teacher survey, to find out what their highest priorities are for next year, to guide SALT as we decide how Boosters money is to be spent. Thanks, Mr. Hudson!

Literacy Night Is A Great Success!

Thanks to Academic Committee chair Jennifer Young and SA Dean Jen Conley, our first "Literacy Night" was a HUGE success. Mrs. Young writes:

"Imagine kids (at least 75) going throughout the school participating in reading games and programs. And begging to stay when the parents said it was time to go. This was a great event, and it came together so easily, in large part because of your willingness to help.

"I appreciate each one of you, and especially want to recognize Ryon Maples, who did all the copying and materials preparation for many of the activities beforehand. (He is our Cricut machine master). Again, thank you for being a great group of volunteers."

My kids especially enjoyed the "Star Hut," where Mrs. McKelvey told stories about the constellations that shone on the canvas dome above us. And there was a long line for the "reading dogs" who sat patiently and listened as children read them stories. (Our Aussie shepherd is never quite that still...)

I hope we can make this an annual event!