Friday, July 17, 2009

South Arbor Art Auction

Questions about the auction? Contact Anne or Chelle at

South Arbor Booster Club is pleased to announce a special event for the South Arbor community and local art lovers. In partnership with, the Boosters will be hosting a fine art auction reception on Saturday, October 10. A portion of all proceeds -- both those purchased at the event, and those sold through their online store beginning October 11 and continuing for one full year -- will benefit South Arbor students.

Artwork representing a variety of artists and priced to fit every budget is available. (At left is Henri Mattisse's "Goldfish.") Other notable artists available either at the auction or through online purchase include Ansel Adams, Danka Weitzen, Guido Borelli, James Chapin, Keith Mallett, Thomas Kinkaide, and Wooster Scott.

For more information, contact Anne Bouse or Chelle Hamel at

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