Saturday, July 25, 2009

ALP Class Supply List - 5th-8th grades (2009-2010)

Please label all supplies with student’s name in permanent marker. Please send all supplies in the first day of school. ALP students share lockers; please buy backpacks that aren't too wide for this purpose.

Specials teachers may require additional school supplies after school begins. Some students find it helpful to have supplies color-coded for their classes to help with organization (for example: red folder and red notebook for one class, blue folder and blue notebook for another class, etc.)

Some students may leave the classroom to attend a higher math class. The middle school teachers may require slightly different supplies. (See posts with class lists for upper grade levels.)

CLASSROOM supplies:
* 1 ultra-fine tip Sharpie marker

* 1 box colored pencils
* 1 colored ballpoint pen (any color but black)
* 1 box of mechanical pencils OR 12 #2 sharpened pencils with erasers (if you buy traditional pencils, you will also want a small hand-held pencil sharpener)
* 1 pencil pouch (optional)
* 3 dry-erase markers of different colors (some kids find it helpful to store it in an old sock; the sock can be used as an eraser)

* Protractor and compass for circles
* (10) 2-pocket folders (some kids prefer to keep all of their folders in one binder; this is completely optional)
* (6) single-subject spiral notebooks
* (2) 1", 3-ring binders with 5 tab dividers (used for Reading and Language Arts)

* Grid paper (1 package, 250 sheets)
* 1 pack of sticky notes
* SPANISH CLASS: (1) 1-inch, 3-ring binder and a set of dividers with 5 labels

* 400 3x5 index cards

Supplies that are always appreciated:
* 2 boxes of facial tissues

* 1 roll of paper towel
* Anti-bacterial cleaning wipes
* Purell hand sanitizer
* Poster board
* Craft or construction paper
* Glade Plug-Ins extra dry-erase markers

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