Saturday, July 25, 2009

1st Grade Class Supply List (2009-2010)

The best time to purchase these school items is in July during the school supply sales!! Please remember to purchase pencils, paper, crayons, scissors, and glue for home use, too.

2 boxes of Beginner pencils (the fat pencils)
1 box of 12 #2 pencils
2 large glue sticks
1 pair of blunt cut scissors
1 plastic pencil box
1 box of 24 crayons
1 large see-through pencil pouch
1 large backpack without rollers
1 red laminated folder for Spanish
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
2 boxes of soft Kleenex
2 containers of disinfectant wipes (no baby wipes please)
5 packages trinkets from Dollar Store for treasure box

If your last name begins with A-I, bring . . .
2 boxes of 50-100 sandwich size Ziploc bags (with slide lock)
1 box gallon Ziploc bags

If your last name begins with J-R, bring . . .
1 box of 60-100 Band-Aids
1 box 5 oz plastic cups
2 boxes of plastic forks

If your last name begins with S-Z, bring . . .
1 package small paper plates
2 rolls paper towels
3 boxes of plastic spoons

Also, here are some other items our class needs if you are looking to donate:
· Sidewalk chalk
· Balls

Thank you, First Grade Team

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