Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Back!

Another school year has officially begun! It got off to a soggy start at the Orientation Carnival September 1. We were up and running less than an hour when the heavens opened and ... well, let's just say the demand for Sno-Kones was far surpassed by the demand for a square foot of dry space under the Boosters tent.

To serve those families who were unable to make it to our booth before the weather turned, we are going to set up a table outside the school on Wednesday, September 15 from 2-3 p.m. At that time we will be taking orders for South Arbor merchandise (sweatshirts, polos, and house shirts), and accepting Booster Plus donations. We will also have a small quantity of mugs and other South Arbor merchandise for sale. Please make plans to join us!

Have you heard about Boosters Plus? This is the second year of the program, in which South Arbor families make a tax-deductible donation ($100 or more per family is suggested) to be used to benefit the educational environment of our children. Because charter schools receive on average $1800 less per student than traditional public schools, it is up to us as parents to make up this difference.

Last year Boosters held the Spring Auction and School Store to supplement our Boosters Plus income. However, this year Boosters Plus must bring in the lion's share of the money we need to support the school committee projects -- so please be as generous as you can. Thanks so much to the 20 families who have donated so far -- and to the 100 Boosters Plus families from last year!

Last year we heard from several families who hesitated to donate because they didn't know where the money was going. To respond to those concerns, we are inviting families to fill out a short survey, to let us know how you would like to see the money spent. The results of this survey are intended to guide the South Arbor Leadership Team (SALT) who is responsible to allocate Boosters funds.

We will post the results of this survey here on the blog, as well as the the results of each monthly SALT meeting. We believe it's important that donors have an opportunity to express their wishes and preferences. If you would like to express those in person, please join us at our first Boosters meeting of the school year, which will be held on Wednesday evening September 15 at 7:00 p.m. in the Parent Room. Our focus this year is to build up the Boosters Team, and to give parents an opportunity to participate, so our children will have a truly great school year!

If you would like another copy of the letter and/or donor form, please contact Heidi Saxton or stop by the Parents Room. If you are unable to contribute the full amount right now, feel free to make your contributions in installments -- say, $25 a month between now and December. Just note that this is your preference on the donor form, and we can send you a reminder each month. Although we are requesting $100 or more per family, no gift is too small - and every gift is appreciated (and tax deductible!). Please fill out your form and place it with payment in the secure Booster Box (on the back of the bathroom door in the Parent Room) or mail it directly to the school.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

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