Thursday, April 1, 2010

Literacy Night Is A Great Success!

Thanks to Academic Committee chair Jennifer Young and SA Dean Jen Conley, our first "Literacy Night" was a HUGE success. Mrs. Young writes:

"Imagine kids (at least 75) going throughout the school participating in reading games and programs. And begging to stay when the parents said it was time to go. This was a great event, and it came together so easily, in large part because of your willingness to help.

"I appreciate each one of you, and especially want to recognize Ryon Maples, who did all the copying and materials preparation for many of the activities beforehand. (He is our Cricut machine master). Again, thank you for being a great group of volunteers."

My kids especially enjoyed the "Star Hut," where Mrs. McKelvey told stories about the constellations that shone on the canvas dome above us. And there was a long line for the "reading dogs" who sat patiently and listened as children read them stories. (Our Aussie shepherd is never quite that still...)

I hope we can make this an annual event!

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