Thursday, January 28, 2010

Booster Store at Upcoming Conferences

At conferences next week, Boosters will have plenty of reasons for you to stop by the Parent Room!

* Stop by for a drink or snack -- hot dogs, pizza, hot chocolate, Hostess treats, and other snacks. Plus coffee, Coke and Diet Coke, to fortify you for those conferences!

* Shop for Valentine's Day! Check out our hand-polished necklace-and-earring sets for $25. Pick up a sweatshirt or t-shirt, or a South Arbor mug for your favorite Valentine!

* Tired of waiting in line to pick up your kids at the end of each school day? Purchase six "parking spot" raffle tickets and get a free travel mug! Our Parking Spot Raffle will be held at the Spring Auction on February 27. This year we will have two winners, with each family taking half the school year (one half taking March 1 to the end of September, the other taking October 1 to the end of February 2011). Individual chances are $5 each.

* The Spring Auction Committee will have a table just outside the library, where you can buy admission tickets ($15 each). Bring a guest, and get five free Roundtable Raffle Tickets! Sign-ups will also be available for drink donations.

* Be sure to set aside time for the Scholastic Book Fair in the library, too!

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