Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Special Delivery ... Thursday, December 17

Boosters is offering a special "Holiday Delivery" for orders placed by Monday, December 14. Just fill out your order form and drop it along with payment in the Booster Box. This merchandise make great holiday gifts: water bottles, travel mugs, cook books, gingerbread boys or girls, or ceramic mugs.

Afraid your child might lose your order? Boosters is also having a special store on the morning of December 18. We will also be serving coffee and donuts, and have our "cash and carry" scrip cards on display for you to take with you. (If you buy a mug, your coffee is free!)

Don't forget to place your order for scrip to take care of the rest of your shopping, too! To place your order electronically, just go to "Shop with Scrip" and set up your personal account. Orders placed by Friday (either electronically or paper via Booster Box) can be picked up the following week.

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