Friday, October 16, 2009

Special Adoption Book

Today in Mr. Heires class I made a special presentation about adoption, reading a book that is a family favorite entitled "I Don't Have Your Eyes," by Carrie Kitze. The class had been studying genetics, how the traits of parents are passed to their children . . . well, often. But not always.

My husband and I foster-adopted Christopher and Sarah when they were very little. And today in Mr. Heires class I told the story of how as a young woman I had dreamed of having a little girl with chocolate brown eyes, and a little boy with steel-blue ones. I told them of how I traveled all over the world, and saw how so many children needed families to love them.

And I told them of how I returned home and discovered that there are 500,000 children right here in the United States who need temporary or permanent homes. And one day, when the time was right, Chris and Sarah came into our lives and nestled there. You see, I never carried them in my body -- but from the beginning God created a place for them in my heart, and in the heart of my husband.

I have placed a copy of this special book in the library at South Arbor Academy, for teachers and parents who wish to share it with their children. I will also be placing a number of resources pertaining to foster care and adoption, for those who wish to explore it further.

If at any time you would like to discuss becoming an adoptive or foster parent, I am only too happy to do so. I've recently been invited to join the board of an exciting new foster agency in Ypsilanti called "Fostering Futures." If you are inclined to find out more about foster or adoptive parenting, please do let me know -- or feel free to check out my blog for foster, adoptive, and special needs parents called the "Extraordinary Moms Network."

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