Wednesday, August 19, 2009

News Alert: Boosters Plus Is On the Way!

The Boosters Plus mailing should be hitting your mailbox any day now! I'd like to thank those who helped me get this new Boosters program off and running: Laura Holiday, who designed the letterhead, and Kathy and Marley Tucker and Jerlee Bond, who worked for four hours to get the letters ready to mail. (Thanks also to Andrew Tucker, who babysat our children so we could focus on the mailing!)

This year we're asking each family for a tax-deductible donation (rather than having a lot of smaller, less-profitable fundraisers during the school year).
Be sure to bring your checkbook to the New Parents Picnic or Orientation Meetings. Let's work together to meet our goal!

If $100 seems like a stretch for you right now, why not challenge your kids to find ways to raise a few bucks? A garage sale or lemonade stand, a bake sale, mowing a few lawns ... At South Arbor, we get a private school education for the cost of a public school. Let's all do our part to support our school!

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